Sunday, November 18, 2018

Four-spotted Sailor at National Butterfly Center, 11/18/18

I was going to spend my morning in the yard today, but word came out of a Smudged Hairstreak at the National Butterfly Center.  So I raced over only to find the butterfly was gone.  And there was discussion it may have been a Marius Hairstreak anyway.  But then the Four-spotted Sailor found several days ago was refound.  And it was a male which I had never seen before so my trip was worthwhile.  Love that metallic teal!

Didn't see anything else noteworthy.  Here's a sharp Mexican Fritillary and a Mex Frit chrysalis.

And the hard-not-to-photograph Gulf Fritillary.

Don't know why but there were lots of White Checkered-Skippers around.

It's been a good fall for Theona Checkerspots.

I liked these Whirlabout photos.

So it was nice afternoon and I got so see all my butterfly friends who visit this time of year.