Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dina Yellow at Progreso Lakes, 7/11/17

Lately I've been doing too much yard work or chasing dragon flies or birding.  Anyway I have not posted any butterfly stuff in a while.  But this morning, while I was checking out the birds in our yard at Progreso Lakes, I noticed an unusual yellow butterfly about the size of a Boisduval's Yellow.  It was flying low, nectaring on red Salvia and acting like a Boisduval's except it had a couple of large pinkish-brown spots on the wing tips.  What the.......Dina Yellow!  This was a new butterfly for me and I only know of one RGV record during the past ten years, one Mike Rickard found at Santa Ana back in 2013.  This is certainly the best butterfly to be found in our yard so far.

Not much else interesting showed up during the cloudy morning except for this Dorantes Longtail.