Monday, March 16, 2020

Progreso Lakes, 3/16/20

Spent the morning birding and working in our yard at Progreso Lakes.  After lunch I decided to check out the butterfly situation.  It was warm and windy with a little sun.  I was happy to find an ovipositing Gulf Fritillary on our Corky-stemmed Passionvine.

And then a white in our bottlebrush turned out to be a Giant White.

I lost it as it flew around the tree but then I found an Orange-barred Sulphur.   Usually non-native plants are not good at attracting our local butterflies, but they make an exception for the Australian bottlebrush.

Pretty good so far.  Then a bright yellow quarter-sized butterfly got my attention.  As I expected it was a Boisduval's Yellow.  And I soon found a second.  Aside from Resaca de la Palma and Sabal Palm Sanctuary, our yard seems to be the best spot for them.

This Western Giant Swallowtail was earlier seen ovipositing on our Texas Torchwood and Colima.  It even checked out our lemon tree.

This Pipevine Swallowtail was ovipositing on our Giant Duchman's Pipvine.  I've heard their caterpillars can't survive the toxins in this South American plant.  I'm hoping our Pipevine Swallowtails are tropical enough that maybe they have some resistance.  We will see.