Thursday, March 16, 2017

National Butterfly Center, 3/16/17

I spent the morning birding in our yard at Progreso Lakes but wasn't seeing too much so I decided to take advantage of the wind and sunshine and run over to the National Butterfly Center.  I got over there a little after noon and it was really slow.  But I kept looking, hoping the wind might blow in something different, and was rewarded in the Conservatory with this Statira Sulphur.  A few are seen each year but not by me so I was happy to get one after not seeing one since 2013.

Nearby was this Double-dotted Skipper.

And a Long-tailed Skipper.

And this worn Clytie Ministreak.

Just outside, feeding on the Turnera, was this Mexican Fritillary caterpillar.

A little later I made a run through the "gulley" hoping to find the Gilbert's Flasher which had been seen several times over the past couple of weeks.  Behind the bird feeding station a large skipper landed next to me and perched under a leaf.  It wasn't the Gilbert's Flasher but instead was a very worn Gold-spotted Aguna.  Not what I was hoping for but I'll take it. 

This tailless White-striped Longtail is trying to pass itself off as a Gold-spotted Aguna.  It had me going for a minute but it's got too many spots..

It's a good spring for Cyna Blues.

A ratty Banded Peacock.

Quite a few of the tropical metalmarks, like this Red-bordered Pixie, prefer to hide under a leaf.

Another Double-dotted Skipper has more than it's fair share of dots.  I wish it was something rare but I think not.

This Tropical Leafwing, ovipositing on a Cortez Croton, was my only one for the day.

While I was birding in our yard in Progreso Lakes this morning, I saw several Orange-barred Sulphurs.  I see them almost daily but it's tough getting one to sit for a portrait.